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Which Is Better, Lime VS Lemon for Weight Loss: Best Drink for Rapid Loss 

Lime and Lemon are consumed in different parts of the world for garnishing, lime juice, lemon juice as drinks, and many other purposes. People see it challenging to differentiate between the two most popular citrus fruits.

Both Lime and Lemon have different properties and different health benefits. One of the main health benefits they serve is weight loss, especially lime.

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Here we will talk about the differences between Lime and Lemon and how to consume lime in your diet for many health benefits and weight loss. Easy recipes and drinks recommendations are given, which can be quickly prepared at home.

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What Are Limes?

There are various species and hybrids of trees and shrubs in the lime family (Rutaceae). They are primarily cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. One of the most talked-about varieties in stores is the Persian Lime, a stern light green fruit which is a little smaller than a typical lemon.

 Key lime (also called Mexican Lime) and Kaffir lime are known and expected. It is an important ingredient in sauces and pickles from specific areas, and the juice is mainly used for flavour drinks, food, and sweets.

Wild limes, primarily grown in Indonesia or mainland Asia, are brought up by traders from India into the Mediterranean and Africa around 1000 CE. Limes are mainly spread into other parts of the Mediterranean and Europe by returning Crusaders in the 12th and 13th centuries. 

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Since then, limes have been used as a source of vitamin C, especially on uninterrupted sea voyages to get protection from Scurvy. These are green, firm, bitter in flavour, and usually smaller than lemons and oranges.

What Are Lemons?

As limes, several species of Lemon are grown on small trees or bushes. The flavour of Lemon is typically sour or astringent. Lemons seem to have more yellow-bright skin than limes.

They are often used to enrich the taste of meat, fish, or vegetables. You can have them flavour your beverages (like lemonade) or pastries and desserts. These were introduced into Spain and North Africa in 1100 CE.

 Along with limes, lemons were brought into the rest of Europe by the Crusaders. Lemon trees are evergreen and thrive deep in more moderate temperatures than limes, and lemons are found in cool climates.

They are oval-shaped, and their skin can be noticed dotted with oil glands. Lemons are mostly larger than limes but smaller than sweet oranges.

Lime vs Lemon for weight loss

Though Lemon and Lime are citrus fruits packed with many health benefits, some key points can help you differentiate between them.

Nutritionally Similar or Not?

The nutrient content in carbs, protein, and fats is identical in Lemon and Lime.

Lime has a lead in carbohydrate and calorie content, while Lemon provides more Vitamin C. Also, Lemon offers a slightly more significant number of vitamins and minerals than lime.

Differences in pH Level

Although both Lime and Lemon are citrus fruits with a heavy acid content, lime is slightly more acidic than Lemon.

Differences in Acidity

 Lemons and limes are both high in citric acid. This means that they possess acidic characteristics as compared with other foods. Lemons and limes both have a similar acidic level. 

Although lemons may have slightly more on average:

● Lemon juice consists of around 48 grams of citric acid per litre (g/L).

● Lime juice consists of approximately 45.8 g/L.

Health Benefits

These fruits contain Vitamin C, which serves as antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. They help with having a sound immune system and a good metabolism to function.

They are a rich source of inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which could ultimately help with weight loss.

Many studies have shown that Vitamin C prevents heart diseases and almost all cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer. It also helps in not causing inflammation in the brain and liver.

Though the tests have been conducted on animals, we do not know how effective they will be on humans.

Taste and Appearance

Differences in Color

The easiest way to differentiate between lemons and lime is their colour. Lime has a typical green colour, whereas a lemon has a yellow colour, preferably bright yellow. However, certain types of lime develop a yellow colour after ripening, which could be slightly difficult to differentiate between them.

Physical Differences- Shape, Size, and Skin

In comparison, limes could be a little smaller than lemons, plus lemons usually come in an oval shape while limes are pretty round. In terms of their skins, lemons typically have a thin layer of skin, while limes have a thick skin.

Taste Differences

Lemons usually fall on the sweeter side of the taste scale, while limes are sourer than lemons. Talking about limes, they are not even considered acidic but could be called bitter most of the time.

Though these citrus fruits have similar health benefits, Lemon still stands out with an extra edge of benefits. The extra dose of Vitamin C content in Lemon makes it a better choice while comparing.

This does not mean lime has fewer health benefits; it is loaded with many health benefits, almost the same as a lemon. Lime is mainly used for weight loss; lime water promotes this as it makes you feel hydrated and fuller. 

Also, here are some of the health benefits of Lime water for weight loss.

Lime Juice Benefits for Weight Loss

1. Improves Digestion

The acid content in lime helps break down food and churn it for better digestion. These also contain some compounds within with secret digestive juices and aid digestion. It also helps with constipation and digestive problems.

2. Reduces Inflammation

The Vitamin C content in the lime acts as an anti-inflammatory compound. They also relieve symptoms of arthritis and other related diseases and joint pain and stiffness. Adding lime juice to water could thus be very beneficial for a good diet.

3. Promotes Consumption of Water

Lime water in itself is a delicious drink and comes with health benefits, including weight loss. Since the water is enhanced with some flavour, it promotes drinking more water over time. Drinking water while having meals is good for reducing food intake, ultimately leading to weight loss.

4. Improves Immune System and Metabolism

Vitamin C combined with antioxidants helps to make the immune system strong. A solid immune system leads to a healthy metabolism that burns calories and stores less fat. Also, the antioxidant substances are suitable for the immune system since they make digestion faster and are ideal for weight loss.

5. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The content of Vitamin C is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Drinking lime water would reduce inflammation and swelling due to many diseases. The pain from arthritis and stiffness in the body can also be reduced.

These were some of the weight loss properties infused in lime. There are more health benefits to lime water, such as fighting infection because of the acidic content, lowering blood sugar levels, and reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer; it is also suitable for skin and hair.

Just because lime and lime water intake would help with many health benefits, including weight loss, let me share some drinks and ways to incorporate lime into your everyday diet.

Using Lime Juice for Weight Loss

Here, I will be discussing with you some homemade recipes using lime for weight loss:

1. Lime Water

Ingredients: Fresh Lime, a glass of water

Procedure: This is a pretty simple drink to make. Just take the lime, cut it in half, and squeeze the entire lime juice into the water. Add salt or sugar if you feel like it, stir it, and consume it.

This should be consumed within one day for the best flavour. It can be finished once or twice every day for weight loss.

2. Lime Curd

Ingredients: 3 eggs, sugar, half cup fresh lime juice, Lime zest for one large lime, 4 tbsp butter, salt to taste


1. Whisk eggs, sugar, lime zest, and lime juice in a saucepan. Add salt according to the taste and whisk it while it is unheated till it becomes smooth.

2. Now, place it over low heat and stir it into a smooth mixture. Add butter cubes to make the mixture more smooth, and keep going until it becomes thick and soft.

3. Remove it, serve it in two bowls, and consume it hot.

This recipe can be made once a day. It is tasty and makes you feel full. You can also have it as a side dish.

3. Lime for Garnishing

Lime can be used for garnishing almost everywhere. We need to keep in mind the balance of the sweet-bitter flavour of the time.

Lemon is usually incorporated with sweet dishes, while lime is often consumed with savoury dishes since they can be bitter.

It can still be incorporated with any flavours, keeping in mind its bitterness level.

Lime juice can just be squeezed over a dish for the flavour, can be used to marinate lamb chops or any meat, can be packed in a bowl of salad, or a dash of lime could be twisted and be used for cocktails.

Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet may be a fasting program typically unbroken for five to ten days. People consume lemon-based mixtures solely with no solid foods.

One study claims that a lemon detox program, consisting of organic maple and palm syrups with juice and unbroken for seven days, reduces body fat and hormone resistance while not hematologic changes.

However, the lemon detox fasting diet will have side effects, like fatigue, headaches, deficiency disease, and epithelial duct problems. This diet doesn’t facilitate in removing toxins from the body, as is usually believed. Additionally, there’s no proof that the lost weight won’t be speedily regained once the initial weight loss once resuming an everyday diet.

Health benefits of using lemons for weight loss

Lemons and limes are made in phytochemicals, like flavonoids, limonoids, and polyphenols. These compounds have several beneficial effects on health.

Cardiovascular Health

Citrus fruits are overall made in flavonoids related to reduced vas mortality and morbidity. An outstanding member of the flavonoid family may be a compound called flavanone. Whereas each fruit is made during this substance, lemons are higher in flavanones than limes.

These and other phytochemicals are found in citrus fruits with potent inhibitors and hypolipidemic activities.

Kaffir lime has additionally been studied as a possible cardioprotector agent that may be employed in therapy.


Adding juice to a meal considerably lowers the mean blood sugar concentration. This impact is assumed to flow from the acidity of juice swiftness down starch digestion. 

Additionally, as the juice has an acidic hydrogen ion concentration, we’ll see the regular impact of victimization juice with high glycemic index foods.

Citrus limetta, or sweet Lemon, has additionally been studied as a supply of a beneficial compound for dominant diabetes mellitus due to its hypoglycemic effects.


Phytochemicals of citrus fruits are related to a faded risk of cancers, specifically within the biological process and higher tract. This impact was evident even with moderate edible fruit consumption.

Key lime, primarily, has been studied to possess antitumor effects against colon, pancreatic, and breast cancers, further as lymphomas.

Lemons and limes have additionally been studied to possess antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, and anti-obesity effects.

Downsides of using lemons and limes for weight loss

There are several side effects of using lemons. These are as follows:


Because of their acidic nature, lemons and limes will cause pyrosis and aggravation of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) symptoms, particularly once consumed on an empty abdomen.

However, watered-down juice has been the same to help some individuals cut back pyrosis thanks to its alkalizing nature.

Oral Health

Limes and lemons may cause tooth erosion by wearing the dental enamel, creating teeth additional sensitive and yellow, and eventually inflicting cavities.

To avoid this, it’s better not to consume targeted Lemon or juice; however, to water it down instead. You’ll be able to additionally drink Lemon or fluid with a straw to prevent contact with teeth.


An element found in lemons and limes called limonene may be a delicate skin and eye pain in the neck.

People who are allergic to limonene might experience dermatitis once touching these fruits.


Lemons and limes are two equally popular citrus fruits containing various alternatives for culinary, medicinal, and practical applications.

Limes are small, spherical, and green, while lemons are mostly more enormous, oval-shaped, and bright yellow. They’re both almost identical in nutrition and depict many of the same progressive health benefits.

Both limes and lemons are acidic and bitter; however, lemons appear to be sweeter, whereas limes have a lot of bitter styles. These flavour variations usually cause their completely different preparation purpose.

Lemons contain many antioxidants on two occasions; however, limes are richer in vitamin A. Specifically, limes are richer in minerals, containing higher Ca, copper, zinc, and phosphorus levels. Lemons, on the contrary, are richer in potassium and metal.

Both lemons and limes will aid with weight loss and possess cardioprotective, blood sugar reducing, and antitumor effects. Each may act as an irritant and cause pyrosis and enamel erosion because of their acidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Is it better to drink Lemon or lime water? 

Answer: Both are good options, but lime is considered to be more nutritional.

Question 2. Does lime reduce belly fat? 

Answer: Yes, lime reduces belly fat.

Question 3. Does lemon and lime water help you lose weight?

Answer: Yes, both lemon and lime water help you lose weight.

Question 4. Is lime good for weight loss?

Answer: Yes, lime is good for weight loss.



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