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The Truth: Is Spirulina Good for Weight Loss?

Is Spirulina Good for weight loss? If this is your question, then the answer is yes, it does. But how? Let us discuss further;

Spirulina is primarily used in various healthy weight-loss diets. It’s been proven to boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and lower hunger cravings.

Spirulina is a highly nutritious product with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Reducing calorie consumption and alternating high-calorie products with fewer calories is essential when trying to lose weight.

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Sparkling spirulina drinks are the best and healthy substitute for sugary fizzy drinks that could aid you in handling cravings and keep your calorie consumption under control.

There’s no daily target dose of Spirulina, but most nutritionists suggest regularly consuming up to 500 milligrams of the supplement. It’s significant to consult a doctor before including this supplement in your daily diet.

Shedding weight is not easy, and it requires you to follow several healthy habits, including exercising regularly, having enough sleep, and consuming wholesome food. Many individuals practicing to lose weight also opt to add supplements to their diet. Spirulina is one of the perfect natural additions you could make to your diet. 

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is an alga that is grown in freshwater(lakes) and in salty water. It is a superfood because it contains various vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium, selenium, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, etc. You can include it in your diet with food.

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Most people ask, what are the health benefits of taking Spirulina? Spirulina not only fulfills the deficiency of nutrients in the body, but it is also very beneficial for the skin, heart, and hair, weight reduction, etc. Let’s Understand how?

What are the Health Benefits of Spirulina?

Spirulina has many benefits, and these benefits are:

(1) Is Spirulina Good for Weight Loss?

If you are thinking of losing weight, then Spirulina can prove to be very helpful for you. Because it is highly rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. It makes you energized the whole day. Also, improves your metabolism rate and decreases appetite.

For Weight loss, we have to reduce the intake of calories.

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Reducing calories means reducing the quantity of food in your diet. Due to this, many times, good nutritional things have to be removed from the food. As a result, the body lacks many nutrients.

In such a situation, Spirulina not only increases your metabolic rate but also provides many nutrients to the body.

Nutrients like vitamin B1, B2, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids, calcium, selenium, potassium, etc., are found in it. Which a person is not able to get into the regular diet.

Protein is essential for those who are doing exercise and gyming regularly. Spirulina gives you 70% of the protein you need.

Spirulina is available in powder, tablet, and capsule form. If you are consuming Spirulina in tablet/capsule form, you should take the one-one pill before lunch or dinner for 3 months.

If Spirulina is available in powder form, you can take 1/2 tbsp of powdered Spirulina directly with lukewarm water or mix it in a smoothie, yogurt, juice, etc.

I recommend that you consult your doctor before using it. Because some people are allergic to it.

If you are taking Spirulina to lose weight, then you should take Spirulina one hour before meals.

(2) Benefits of Spirulina for Skin

Spirulina is highly rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, irons, and vitamins. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, etc. Which improves gut health, keeps skin healthy and young, removes toxins from the body, prevents candida skin infection, enhances skin shine, reduces aging, etc.

(3) How to use Spirulina for Hair Growth?

Protein and iron, these two things are vital for hair growth. You often do not get the necessary elements just by eating regular food. Spirulina fulfills approximately 70% of hair growth needs (protein and iron).

You can apply a hair mask for hair growth. I will tell you how to make a hair mask?

Take a 1/4 cup of yogurt, 1 tbsp spirulina, 1-1tbsp of honey, and coconut oil, and 10 drops of peppermint oil, mix all the things together and then apply on your scalp for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, rinse your hair with shampoo.

Do not apply this hair mask on a wet scalp.

(4) Is Spirulina Good for Thyroid?

If you are asking me whether Spirulina is good for the thyroid or not, my answer is yes. Selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, B, and Vitamin E are necessary to produce thyroid hormones. And all these things are found in Spirulina.

Consult your doctor before using Spirulina because some people are allergic to it.

(5) Spirulina Benefits for Muscle Building

When you exercise, then your muscles break. In such a situation, it is crucial to strengthen the muscles. You should include Spirulina in your diet to improve your muscle strength.

(6) Does Spirulina Help with Anxiety?

In today’s life, most people suffer from mental-emotional disorders like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. No proof says Spirulina keeps your stress level down or stays away from pressure.

But, it is rich in amino acids (tryptophan), which increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that stabilizes your mood, feeling, etc.

(7) Does Spirulina Help With Anemia?

Yes, Spirulina is beneficial for those who are suffering from anemia. Anemia is the form when hemoglobin and red blood cells reduce in your body. If you are a frail person, you should take Spirulina because Spirulina is highly rich in iron.

(8) Spirulina Health Benefits for Oral Cancer

A study says that lesions start disappearing if you include 1 gram of Spirulina per day for 12 months in your diet. This reduces the risk of oral cancer because it contains anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

If you are a cancer patient, consult your doctor before taking Spirulina.

(9) Benefits of Spirulina for Diabetes

A  study on animals proves that Spirulina is not only helpful for skin, heart, and allergies but also keeps your sugar level in control. If your Hb1AC is not in power for long, you should start taking Spirulina.

(10) Spirulina Benefits for Heart

If you include Spirulina in your diet along with food. So this is good news for your heart. Because consuming Spirulina reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body. Also, maintain your blood pressure and reduce your stress level.

(11) Spirulina Benefits for Eyes

Spirulina contains a high amount of zeaxanthin. So, it improves vision loss due to age, decreases cataracts, and protects the eyes against damage.

(12) Benefits of Spirulina for Immunity

Spirulina contains a high amount of vitamin E, C, and B6. So, it produces white blood cells (WBCs) and antibodies.

(13) Spirulina Benefits for Pregnant Women

So far, no such research says that pregnant women should not take Spirulina. Many types of metallic properties and toxins are also added to Spirulina because it is a type of algae that grows in lakes and seawater. So, it can be harmful to the pregnant woman and her baby. That is why in such a situation, you should avoid consuming Spirulina.

(14) Spirulina Liver Benefits

Spirulina benefits people who have cirrhosis, liver failure, and a toxic body. An Egyptian study conducted in May 2011 has proved that Spirulina protects the liver from any kind of damage because it also has antioxidant properties.

(15) Is Spirulina Good for Kids?

Spirulina is a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. So, if you include Spirulina in kids’ diet, it strengthens their immune system.

Things To Consider Before Buying Spirulina

You could buy Spirulina online or at any pharmacy near your area. Check the label for the expiry date, purchase from a known brand, and make sure it is organic.

You could not take an immediate liking to the taste of Spirulina in one go. Here are some recipes to help you eat spirulina powder without feeling uneasy. Have a look at them.

Spirulina Weight Loss Recipes

Is Spirulina Good for Weight Loss

Spirulina Veggie And Fruit Juice

  • One tablespoon spirulina
  • Half cup orange
  • Half cup pomegranate
  • Quarter cup carrot
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice
  • A tweak of Himalayan pink salt
  1. Mix the fruits and carrot into a blender and give it a spin.
  2. Strain the juice into a mug.
  3. Put the lime juice, Spirulina, and a tweak of Himalayan pink salt.
  4. Stir it well before drinking.

Spirulina Smoothie

  • One tablespoon spirulina
  • Half cup celery
  • Half cup tomato
  • Half cup watermelon
  • Two tablespoons of lime juice
  • A tweak of Himalayan pink salt
  1. Grind all the ingredients using a food processor.
  2. Strain the smoothie into a glass and put the Spirulina, salt, and lime juice.
  3. Stir it well before drinking.

Spirulina Salad

  • One tablespoon spirulina
  • Half cup grilled and shredded chicken breast / grilled tofu
  • One cup of blanched baby spinach
  • Quarter cup blanched and chopped asparagus
  • Quarter cup chopped tomatoes
  • Three tablespoons of lime juice
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • Three tablespoons of low-fat yogurt
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Mix low-fat yogurt, olive oil, lime juice, and a tweak of salt and pepper in a large bowl to prepare the dressing.
  2. Put the shredded chicken or tofu in a bowl.
  3. Put the Spirulina, spinach, asparagus, and tomatoes.
  4. Mix and turn well. Put a little salt and pepper if required.

You could consume the suggested amount of Spirulina regularly and not lose an inch if you do not look at what you eat. 

What are the side effects of Spirulina?

Spirulina has as many advantages as it has disadvantages.

By the way, Spirulina is grown in freshwater. But, if this alga has grown in dirty water, many toxins like cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic get added. Which can prove fatal for the body.

Suppose you consume this type of Spirulina for a long time. In that case, your body’s organs like kidney, heart, liver, etc., also get affected.

Precautions You Should Take

  1. When buying Spirulina, read on the label what the source of Spirulina is? And also, check whether it has been lab-tested or not.
  2. Always buy trustworthy company products.
  3. Do not start consuming Spirulina by watching or reading an article or video. Do consult with your doctor and follow proper precautions.
  4. After consulting their doctor, older adults, children, breastfeeding women, and pregnant women should also consume Spirulina.

Other Health Benefits Of Spirulina

  1. Spirulina could help in preventing the growth of Candida.
  2. It could help in the curation of chronic arsenic poisoning. 
  3. It could help in lowering the risk of cancer.
  4. Spirulina is also found to prevent HIV-1 replication.
  5. It enhances stamina and energy. 
  6. It could help in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. 
  7. It enhances bone health. 
  8. Spirulina could also help cure anemia.
  9. It could prevent brain damage and improve memory. 
  10. It could remove symptoms of PMS. 
  11. Spirulina was found to be efficient against radiation sickness.
  12. It could help in keeping the skin healthy.

Remember the following points when you start having Spirulina for weight loss.

What Are The Things to Remember Before Using Spirulina For Weight Loss?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sanctioned Spirulina meaning that it is safe and suitable for consumption. But, you must always consult a Doctor or Nutritionist before consuming Spirulina. That is because you could be allergic to Spirulina, or your doctor could advise you that you don’t require it. Also, prevent consuming Spirulina if you possess hypothyroidism or are allergic to seafood.

It is pretty simple to use Spirulina to lose pounds. So, put this magical food on your diet and get the figure of your dreams. Additionally, hit the gym and consume a balanced diet to enhance weight loss.

Dosage of Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green algae outcome.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), people utilized doses of up to 19 g per day for a maximum of two months and up to 10 g per day for six months.

People must not exceed the dose mentioned on the product label.

Are there interactions or risks?

Research has not yet confirmed a safe upper limit for having Spirulina, but the NIH noticed that having too much could cause:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • dizziness

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not monitor Spirulina, and some research has witnessed high contaminants in spirulina products.

These can cause liver damage, vomiting, weakness, a rapid heartbeat, shock, and possibly death.

Spirulina could not be safe to use:

  • during pregnancy
  • for children
  • with autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, as it can accelerate immune activity
  • before or after the operation, as it could affect blood glucose levels

Before having Spirulina, people must consult with a doctor to ensure it would not interact with other drugs and that it is safe and sound for them to utilize.

They must also get Spirulina and other supplements from a reputable source and ensure that the product has undergone safety testing.

The FDA has previously published warnings about misleading declarations for products sold online that possess Spirulina.

There have also been some incidents of allergic reactions to Spirulina. An allergic reaction could sometimes cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening health problem resulting in anaphylactic shock. Anyone who observes swelling, hives, or difficulty breathing after eating Spirulina requires urgent medical attention.

Valuable Tips For Weight Loss

  • Workout regularly – You could train in a gym or exercise at home. Perform a mix of cardio, strength training, and weights to have a slim and perfect body.
  • Avoid stress – Begin counting backward, starting from 5 (5,4,3,2,1), to ending yourself from getting nervous and worried.
  • Try to consume home-cooked food to prevent pilling on hidden calories in sauces, marinades, salad dressings, etc.
  • Have 7-8 hours of sleep every day to aid your body repair, rejoice in the muscles’ wear and tear, and set aside the harmful toxins.
  • Have water when you feel hungry at an odd time. Your brain gives you the wrong signal of being hungry when you are just thirsty.
  • Walk to and from the office, opt for the stairs, stand, and work for a few minutes. This would help you burn up the calories.
  • Start saying no to foods loaded with calories, sodium, and sugar, like aerated drinks, packaged veggies, fruit juices, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, fries, etc.
  • Begin Rewarding yourself every once in two weeks for sticking to a healthy diet plan. Allow yourself to consume 500 calories extra that day.
  • Connect a group where you could learn more about how to lose weight. Discuss with people who have lost weight or are conscious about losing weight to keep yourself guided.


The advantages and usage of Spirulina for weight loss are obtaining wide popularity all across the world. A natural weight loss supplement, Spirulina is packed with minerals, vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber to give you good nutrition in your weight loss journey. Spirulina’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties, Spirulina helps in reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels. Spirulina is available as powder or tablets. You could include Spirulina in smoothies and salads to gain its weight loss benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question1: Is it reasonable to take Spirulina every day?

Answer: Yes, it is good to take Spirulina every day. You can take 2 tablets daily, one pill in the morning after breakfast and the other in the evening, before dinner.
If you are allergic or suffering from any disease, consult your doctor before consuming it.

Question2: Does Spirulina give you energy?

Answer: Spirulina is also called a superfood. There are many nutrients in it, which we cannot get from our daily diet. So, yes, if intake of Spirulina increases your energy level.

Question3: Is there anything terrible about Spirulina?

Answer: If Spirulina is grown in contaminated water, it may also contain toxic substances. Consuming such Spirulina can be fatal for the body.

Question4: What is the best form to take Spirulina?

Answer: For me, a tablet is the best form to take Spirulina.



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